As a Charlotte, NC, real estate agent, I know how much a fresh coat of paint can improve your home’s aesthetics and overall value. Painting is essential to the equation, whether planning to update your stairs or even preparing to sell your property. 

There are a few things you should know before you start painting. Painting stairs involves more than picking out a color and slapping it on. Choosing the right type of paint and correctly preparing the surface are all crucial steps in the process. 

I’m here to share everything you need about painting stairs in your Charlotte, NC home. Let’s get started! 

Preparing stairs in Charlotte NC downtown real estate before painting to enhance property value.

How Do I Prep My Stairs Before Painting?

I always recommend prepping your stairs before painting to ensure the paint adheres properly. 

Begin by removing any carpeting and padding from the stairs. You should also remove any nails or staples left behind. Vacuuming the area thoroughly will remove the dust and debris before painting. 

Inspect the stairs for any cracks or breaks. You may need to replace some of them if they are beyond repair. Next, give your stairs a thorough cleaning. 

You may need to sand your stairs if they are dirty or stained. This will help smooth out any rough areas, creating a clean surface for the paint to adhere to. Use fine-grit sandpaper and take care not to miss any spots. 

Use your vacuum and damp cloths to remove dust particles from the surface once you’re done sanding. 

Next, apply a coat of high-quality primer per the manufacturer’s instructions. Primer creates an essential base layer that helps keep the paint from peeling or chipping off over time. This also provides better coverage when you apply the paint. Allow ample time for the primer coat to dry completely before painting. 

Finally, gather all necessary materials needed for painting. These include brushes, rollers and pans, painter’s tape, and drop cloths. Ensure you have enough of each item so your painting project runs smoothly. 

Selecting the right type of paint for stairs in Charlotte NC homes for sale can enhance durability and aesthetics.

What Type of Paint Should be Used on Stairs?

I strongly recommend you use paint specifically designed for high-traffic areas. This is because staircases are highly used areas that must withstand wear and tear. Floor or high-traffic paints are the best options, as they resist abrasion and scratches from daily use. 

Also, consider the finish when selecting paint for your stairs. Glossy paint may look nice but can be slippery and cause potential hazards. Instead, opt for a semi-gloss or satin paint. It provides a non-slip surface that is safe for walking. 

I recommend talking with a professional if you have doubts about selecting the best type of paint for your stairs. I’m happy to help guide you through this selection process! 

Learn the best techniques for painting stairs in Charlotte NC homes for sale to enhance their appearance and durability.

How Should Stairs be Painted?

Follow a specific order when it comes to painting your stairs. Begin by painting the handrails and balusters first. This allows the smaller, harder-to-reach areas to get done first before moving on to the larger surfaces. 

You can focus on the steps and risers once those are complete. Avoid painting the steps and risers all at once. Instead, skip every other step, allowing the paint to dry while you work on the others. 

It’s essential to use proper safety precautions when painting your staircase. Make sure all areas being painted are well-ventilated. Always wear protective gloves when handling paint or cleaning up afterward. Use painter’s tape along any edges or corners near walls or floors for additional safety measures.

Which Color is Best for a Staircase in Charlotte, NC?

Several popular choices can enhance the overall look and feel of your home. 

White is one of Charlotte, NC’s most popular colors for painting stairs. It gives a timeless feel and can make smaller spaces appear larger. It also pairs well with white accents throughout the home, like molding and furniture. 

Neutrals such as beige, gray, and taupe are always safe for painting stairs in Charlotte, NC. These colors can create a cohesive and calming look. Plus, neutrals are more versatile and can work with various decor choices. 

Find out which color is best for a staircase in Charlotte NC homes for sale to attract potential buyers.

Bright colors like yellow or red can add energy and life to your staircase. Darker shades like blue or green can add a sense of sophistication.

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Are you preparing your Charlotte, NC home for sale? My team and I at Showcase Realty help homeowners ensure their homes are ready to market. Our experienced real estate agents would love to provide guidance, so you can find exactly what works with the rest of your home’s design to sell fast at the best price.


Painting your stairs can be a great home improvement project that can bring much value to your Charlotte, NC, property. It’s inexpensive, and it can have a significant impact on the look and feel of your space.

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I recommend preparing your stairs properly before you begin painting. This means cleaning them and sanding them down if necessary. You can transform your stairs into a beautiful centerpiece with the right tools and techniques. 

Don’t hesitate to invest in this small but meaningful improvement today. It could make all the difference when it comes to selling! 

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