Buy a home with little to no money down with a qualified down payment assistance program

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Things You Should Know About Down Payment Assistance

You can buy a home

You can receive down payment assistance to cover your down payment and closing costs from a variety of sources nationwide.

How much can I get?

There are hundreds of millions of dollars available to cover your down payment and closing costs to help you buy a home.

Who provides the money?

Federal, State, and Local Housing Finance Agencies, Non Profits, Lenders, Community Action Programs, and various other institutions.

Top 3 Most Popular Down Payment Assistance Programs In North Carolina

Downpayment assistance NC
  1. $15,000 DAP: Provides $15,000 in down payment assistance in the form of a 5 year, no interest loan, forgiven at 20% per year, after completion of Homebuyer education. Maximum home price $245,000 and cannot be new construction. Buyer needs a 660 credit score.
  2. HouseCharlotte: Provides up to $7,500 towards down payment, closing cost and interest rate buy-down assistance to low and moderate income families purchasing homes in eligible neighborhoods. Maximum home price $146,000. Minimum 620 credit score.
  3. Prosperity: Upon completion of an 8-hour class qualifies Homebuyer for down payment assistance. Existing homes, 10 years or newer, qualify for up to 10% assistance, with new construction receiving up to 15%. Maximum home price $200,000.

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