Great news for Charlotte, North Carolina as a recent report from PWC and the Urban Land Institute named Charlotte the 3rd most attractive real estate market in America.

The title was decided after Charlotte began showing promising improvements including a booming economy, a growing population and a strong construction presence. The improvements have had a positive impression on the real estate market and homeowners moving to the area.

Charlotte has a lot to offer: Upcoming large-scale developments at the Southend and Uptown areas include a $600 million Hard Rock Casino, $350 million film studio and dozens of new high rise properties.

Good job and population growth along with the development of urban centers continues to make the market attractive to residents. Interviewees generally feel good about the Charlotte market, although some did express concern that the concentration of the financial services industry may not offer the same level of growth as other more technology-oriented markets.

Urban Land Institute

Rankings are as follows:

DALLAS - No. 1

AUSTIN - No. 2


Others included Atlanta at #5, Nashville at #7 and Raleigh at #11.

ULI advised investors to start widening their searches and to consider secondary markets such as Charlotte as opposed to bigger markets like LA and NYC. β€œThese secondary markets boast lower costs of living-particularly in housing-and strong growth potential.”

With this new ranking, the real estate market in Charlotte is certainly a great option for homeowners to consider for their next location.

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