When you’ve decided to sell your Charlotte home, did you brace yourself for future concerns and challenges? The travails of many home sellers are well-documented online, and if you happen to be fond of reading about it, it can be easy to be overwhelmed by it all. No wonder many dread selling their home.

Selling your home does not need to be complicated nor difficult. You don’t even have to experience the same challenges and mistakes other sellers did. Here are the top mistakes many home sellers commit, intentionally or unintentionally, along with suggestions on how to avoid them.

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The home mistakes you should avoid

1. Overpricing the home. Among the most common home selling mistake I see is selling the home beyond its market value. Maybe some home sellers decide it is a good selling tactic, maybe it’s because they are hoping for a higher profit, or maybe they think their home is worth more. Whatever their reason is, the home is overpriced, and it has not moved from the market for five months.

Finding the right price for your Charlotte home for sale is crucial if you want to sell it successfully. A home priced right will sell fast, but an overpriced home is likely going to stay on the shelf for a long time.

Why? Because an overpriced home is unable to meet the features and amenities homes at that price range offer. Remember, buyers these days are equipped with the Internet, so they can conduct their research and will know if the home is overpriced.

Price your home right, and watch it sell fast!

2. Not preparing the home to sell. Once you’ve decided to sell, you should start clearing out your things, cleaning the house and fixing what needs to be repaired. Many home sellers only begin doing these things when it’s time to take photographs for marketing, or when the open house is coming. Insufficient preparation time leads to a botchy job, so when buyers come around, the home is in a disappointing state, and buyers leave uninterested.

Decluttering, cleaning, and staging are necessary home preparation processes when you to sell your house. These steps make the house to look its best to become more appealing to buyers.

Home buyers love bright, spacious and inviting homes. Get your home in Charlotte to a picture-ready state and buyers will come knocking on your door.

3. Taking bad photos. I’ve seen beautiful homes stay on the market for a long time because their marketing photos don’t do them justice. Around 90% of buyers start their home search online. When they see pictures of your home which when compared to professionally taken photographs look dark and cramped, they’ll be uninterested.

Your home’s photos are one of the best marketing tools to use in selling the house, so you need to maximize it. Get a professional photographer to take pictures of your home. They know the right angles to show off your home’s best looks.

First impressions count! Use only the best photos for your home’s marketing.

4. Ignoring the curb appeal. Unkempt front yard, toys all over the porch, are chipping paint on the door and sidings are just a few ways to ruin your home’s curb appeal. No matter how great the home’s interior is, when the curb appeal is not well-taken cared of, you won’t get interested buyers.

We all love homes with a great curb appeal. It doesn’t have to be ornate either. A clean, healthy and trimmed front lawn with a few pots of plants, and a mailbox are good enough. A freshly painted porch, siding and front door will make your home look new again, and attracts buyers.

Never discount the factor of curb appeal, it gets buyers through the door.

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5. Not seeking help from an experienced agent. Your home is an asset, probably your most valuable one. As such, it deserves to be sold at its best price, and this does not happen when you decide to sell your home on your own, or with an inexperienced agent.

You do yourself and your asset a disservice when you don’t give it the best help and support before selling.   When you want your Charlotte NC home sale-ready, seek the help of an experienced real estate agent.

Make your home selling journey mistake-free. Call me, Nancy Braun, at (704) 997-3794. Let my experience and skills work for you.

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