Charlotte City Council members had a meeting last Monday, October 27 to discuss about giving away incentive packages to companies that would bring hundreds to thousands of job opportunities to Charlotte.

The City Council met in a closed session to discuss about matters related to the location of businesses and industries within Charlotte, along with the potential economic development incentives they’ll be offering.

No company name has been revealed yet to receive such incentives.

Furthermore, the Mecklenburg Board of County Commissioners also met in a closed session discussing about business location and expansion.

Under the Charlotte-Mecklenburg business investment program, the city staff will be evaluating a certain project and will be developing a grant. Then, the City Council along with the county commissioners will be be considering the approval of the grant.

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Just last Summer, Charlotte City Council gave $1.6 million incentives to Sealed Air when they announced that they’re planning to relocation their corporate headquarters to Charlotte. Aside from this, the county also signed off $2.8 million in incentives.

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