Charlotte, North Carolina is not only an affordable city - it has the best climate, too, according to PropertyShark.

Study results show that Charlotte, NC has a housing affordability index of 29%. That means the typical household only needs to spend 29% of its earnings on monthly payments. 

Climate-wise, Charlotte has a lot of fair-weather days. It also has a manageable amount of sweltering (46) and freezing (63) days. 

Indeed, Charlotte, NC is the best place to buy a home (or an investment property) right now. 

How Charlotte Became the Most Affordable City with the Best Climate

Cities with extreme temperatures are often a major drawback to would-be citizens. While cities with more temperate climates are often more appealing, finding affordable housing in them is not always easy. 

Take the case of Austin, Texas, where prices have increased by 39.4% in under one year. 

This is why PropertyShark has tried to look for cities with a blend of affordability and pleasant weather.

The rankings were based on:

  • A population of greater than 150,000
  • Housing expenses (homeowners with a median income spending less than 30% of their earnings on housing payments)
  • Climate - based on clear days, days with extreme temperatures, and rainy/windy days

Unsurprisingly, Charlotte took the top spot, as highlighted by the following metrics:

  • Housing affordability index: 29%
  • Clear days: 109
  • Days below 320F: 63
  • Days above 900F: 46
  • Annual rainfall: 58.2 inches 
  • Wind speed: 6.4 mph

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Charlotte, NC Ranking

How Affordable is Charlotte?

Charlotte, NC homes for sale are relatively inexpensive. The city scores 29% on the housing affordability index.  

As per the National Association of Realtors, this index measures the typical family’s income and whether or not it’s enough to qualify for a mortgage loan. This is, of course, based on recent income data and property prices. 

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To put this in perspective: Charlotte residents typically have a median income of $63,000. They need to devote about 29% of this to monthly payments.

This figure is based on the current median home sale price of $298,000. You may even get lower prices in more affordable neighborhoods, such as:

  • Ballantyne West 
  • Barclay Downs
  • Chantilly
  • Plaza Midwood
  • Providence Crossing

While the #2 seed Raleigh has a better affordability rate at 21%, Charlotte’s 29% is still ideal. It’s well within the recommendation for the amount you should spend on housing (30%.) 

Low Cost of Living

Charlotte, NC does not only have affordable homes; the cost of living is cheaper too. 

According to PayScale, it’s 5% lower than the national average. 

Likewise, Charlotte’s utilities and groceries are 8% and 6% lower than the US average.

Transportation is 3% less than the rest of the nation too. 

The only more expensive thing in Charlotte is healthcare. To date, it is 3% higher than the country-wide average. 

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Charlotte, NC is the most affordable city in America.

Charlotte, NC Real Estate

What Kind of Weather Does Charlotte, North Carolina Have?

Charlotte’s summers tend to be warm. Its winters, meanwhile, are milder compared to the Northeast.

Autumn in North Carolina is undoubtedly beautiful, which is why it’s considered the best time to visit its cities. 

In terms of statistics, Property Shark has reported that the city has a below-average amount of hot days. Tallahassee, FL has 91 sweltering days, which can go as high as 910F. Charlotte, NC only has 46 hot days above 900F. 

Overall, the city has an average of 109 clear days, just like the neighboring town of Greensboro, NC. 

Charlotte also has moderate cold days, only 63 compared to Springfield, MO’s 100.  

It’s not that windy in Charlotte, too. The average is 6.4 mph, while the windiest on the list - Norfolk, VA - has 9.6 mph.  

Best of all, Charlotte’s average annual rainfall measures a pleasant 58.2 inches. It’s a far cry from the wettest city on the list - Chattanooga, TN - which has 69.81 inches of rain annually.

Expert Agents in Charlotte, NC

Is Charlotte a Good Place to Buy Real Estate?

Of course! Not only does it have great weather - and affordable prices - it’s one of the hottest markets today. 

According to Zillow, Charlotte, NC downtown real estate is currently the nation’s fifth-hottest in the country. It joins other Sun Belt cities like Tampa, Jacksonville, Raleigh, and San Antonio. 

Charlotte’s high ranking is made possible by the following factors:

High Growth of Home Values

According to Zillow, Charlotte’s home values have increased 25% in the last few years. 

And there’s no stopping it. 

Just look at this: in January 2012, the median home sale price was a mere $149,000. Now, it’s $298,000. 

That’s a whopping 50% in just one decade! 

Given this trend, the best time to buy a Charlotte, NC investment property is right now. The prices are still manageable, and they’re sure to grow in value in future years. 

There’s a high demand for houses too. According to the forecast, it’s expected to grow at an impressive 9.9%. 

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Robust Economic Features

Charlotte is known for its exponential job growth, fast-moving housing inventory, and high buyer demand.

According to Best Places, Charlotte’s job market has increased 2.7% in the past year. In the next ten years, job growth will increase by 45.2%, better than the national forecast of 33.3%.

Because of these figures, Charlotte has become one of the fastest-growing large cities in the US.

In fact, it sees an average of 100 people move into the city every day. 

As a result, more and more people are looking for houses to buy (or rent.) 

This is just one of the many reasons why Charlotte, NC remains a seller’s market. 

Right now, Nancy Braun has over 55,000 people waiting on her clientele list. So if you want to sell your property quickly, she can do so in as short as 90 days!

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‘Safety’ from Rising Mortgage Interest Rates and/or a Volatile Stock Market

Despite the high demand for Charlotte, NC homes, mortgage rates remain reasonable. According to SmartAsset, they are at:

  • 2.79% to 2.81% for 15-year fixed
  • 3.62% to 3.65% for 30-year fixed
  • 2.75% for 5/1 ARM

These figures are well within the national averages, which, according to Forbes, are:

  • 2.73% to 2.93% for 15-year fixed
  • 3.46% to 3.76% for 30-year fixed
  • 2.73% for 5/1 ARM

Final Thoughts

Yes, it’s true: Charlotte, NC is one of the best places in the US because of its weather (and affordable home prices.) You can also check my blog here to know more benefits of moving to the city.

If you’re thinking of relocating - or investing - then make sure to call me, Nancy Braun at 704-870-0895. Our team of expert agents can help you find great - and affordable - Charlotte, NC homes and/or investment properties. 

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