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November 28, 2014

6 Advantages of Renting Versus Buying

Buying vs renting

The decision to rent or to buy is a common dilemma for most adults. But the current economic conditions place buyers in a more advantageous position than renters because it’s now actually less expensive (38% cheaper) to buy a home than it is to pay a landlord rent. If paying less for the place you call home is not enough to lead you down the path to home ownership, then we’re here to help you better understand with 6 advantages of  buying vs renting.

6 Advantages of Homeownership

#1 Equity Each payment you make towards the principal of your home loan every month increases your equity: the percentage of your home that you own. When you are renting you are actually paying off your landlord’s mortgage debt and increasing their equity in the house.

#2 Rent Goes Up No landlord reduced your rent, right? As a renter you are at the mercy of your landlord.  Rent typically goes up every year. However, mortgage payments can remain the same with a fixed rate loan.

#3 Tax Break When filing tax returns, you can claim mortgage interest as a deduction.   Rent payments are not deductible from income taxes.

#4 Your Personal Touch When you rent, you live in a space not designed for you and without your personal touch. You don’t have the opportunity to select paint colors, remove or add a wall or take any sweat equity with you. When you own your own home you can make improvements to your property based on what you want. You can paint walls any color you want, update the kitchen, and add those special touches to your house to make it feel like home. Renters don’t have any long term benefit from investing time, money or sweat equity into someone else’s property.

#5 Appreciation As a homeowner you typically can gain from the appreciation on your home. Repairs and upgrades (those personal touches) to your home (especially kitchen and bathroom renovations) tend to add value to your home. This is why homeownership is considered the best long-term investment any individual can make.

#6 Pride of Ownership There is a great deal of pride, comfort and stability in owning your own home. Homeownership gives you a joy and happiness that’s hard to describe. But some of the highlights of homeownership is having privacy, entertaining friends and family, having pets without paying a deposit, and the freedom start to your own garden, if you like.

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November 19, 2014

Showcase Launches Real Estate Web Video Series

Showcase Launches Real Estate Web Video Series

Nancy Braun Launches Real Estate Web Video Series Delivers Real Estate News and Information is set to deliver local, regional and national real estate news and information on the web.  The new video series is scheduled to distribute original content weekly focusing on current news, breaking developments, and the latest trends in real estate.

Nancy Braun, Owner and Broker in Charge of Showcase Realty launched the new web series with the mission to entertain, empower, and inform listeners with real answers to their real estate questions. Every episode is designed to provide listeners with a fresh perspective on market conditions, answers to common real estate and home improvement questions, and insider secrets taken from her 18 years of personal experience as a Realtor. The web series will also offer down-to-earth conversations with area professionals, show partners and special guests.

HousingWire ranked Showcase Realty 46th in the nation among a very elite group of firms for their fastest growing companies report, HousingWire Fast50™. Showcase Realty is the only company in North Carolina and the only real estate brokerage firm to rank in the Housing Wire Fast50™ for 2014.

“No matter where I go, or who I talk to, the same question always comes up; ‘How’s the market?’ It’s the question on everyone’s mind who is thinking of buying or selling real estate, and it was a natural fit for the show,” says Braun.

With this unique format, Braun aims to make real estate accessible to the average buyer and seller as well as Realtors and real estate professionals. The web series will feature monthly appearances from show partners and will continue to grow in 2015 with additional partners and sponsors.

Laurie Baker, Attorney with Baker Law, lends her legal experience to the show by educating buyers and sellers on what to expect at closing. Jim Potter, President of Old Towne Development, brings a wealth of knowledge on how to increase home value with repairs and renovations.

Each episode of is also available as a podcast with new shows uploaded every week.

Nancy Braun opened Showcase Realty in 2008 with one full-time assistant and a part-time bookkeeper, just before the Charlotte housing market crashed. Weathering the storm, today Showcase Realty sells more than one home every 16 hours, for a total of 527 properties in 2013. Located at 1430 S. Mint St. in the Historic South End district, Showcase is committed to selling homes and surpassing customer expectations with professional service, personally delivered. For more information visit[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

November 18, 2014 – HUD Homes

Most Americans Still Find Homeownership Unaffordable

HUD Homes: The Biggest Deal You Don’t Know About

Buying a HUD home is certainly one of the best real estate deals available. HUD homes are actually properties owned by HUD, the Department of Housing and Urban Development. These are homes where the owner failed to pay an FHA backed loan and resulted in a foreclosure. These properties are now back on the market for sale, often at a great price.

However, before buying a HUD home here are three very important tips:

  1. Find an experienced Realtor. Purchasing HUD homes involves a lot of details; rules for investors vs home owners. When bidding on a HUD home homeowners that plan on occupying the home will have a slight advantage or real estate investors.  An experienced Realtor can guide you through the bidding process.
  1. Understand Your Financing Options. One of the most economical ways to purchase a HUD home is through the $100 down program. Conventional loans can also be used as well as 203-B programs or the 203k loans.
  1. Properties sold AS IS. Unlike typical homes for sale on the market where you may have the opportunity to negotiate for repairs cost. This is not the case with HUD homes. What you see is what you get. So do your homework, make a licensed contractor part of your team and make sure to get a honest estimate on repair costs. Some HUD homes only require minor cosmetic repairs. Other properties could have extensive and perhaps hidden repairs.

Watch the video           Listen to the Podcast

If you’re ready to buy a HUD Home give us a call at Showcase Realty 704-440-0007 and our team will be happy to assist you with your next home purchase. And remember, for every home bought or sold with Showcase Realty, we make a donation to the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Charlotte.

Just give me a call, Nancy Braun at Showcase Realty 704-440-0007

And for more valuable information like you’ve heard on today’s show go to You can look at more videos, previous podcasts, and get valuable tips with our easy to download free reports about buying or selling a home. Just go to and click free HUD Buyers Guide.