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June 13, 2018

Top Reasons Why Now Is the Best Time to Sell Your Home

Still undecided about whether or not you should sell your home?

In the latest episode of Charlotte Today, Nancy Braun shares compelling reasons why now is the right time to put your home on the market. 

The current Charlotte real estate market heavily favors sellers. With a seller’s market, the demand for homes exceeds the available supply. It is indeed a great time to sell. With limited options, buyers are going to great lengths to win the house they want. That means your days on the market will be remarkably fewer and you might also receive multiple offers, which could drive up your home’s selling price.

Nancy also explained how the low interest rates can work to the advantage of the seller. Buyers are drawn into the market because of today’s low mortgage rates. The current low rates are causing many potential homebuyers to get moving sooner rather than later. They are aware that the longer they wait to buy, the more expensive it will be.

Nancy also noted that millennials are starting to buy. They're looking to move from renting to homeownership. With this trend, Nancy emphasized the importance of preparing the home for sale. It’s also crucial to understand what the next generation of homebuyers are looking for in a house.

She also discussed the tax benefits that sellers can take advantage of. Internal Revenue Code Section 121 authorizes an “exclusion” for profits from home sales. The exclusion depends on whether you’re single or married.

Looking for a pro to guide you in the right direction? Nancy and her team at Showcase Realty have helped many property owners sell their homes. They are experts in handling every aspect of the sales process – from strategically marketing and showcasing your property to making sure everything’s signed, sealed, and delivered by the closing date. Call them today at (704) 997-3794.

Eugene: If you’ve been thinking about selling your home, our first guest this morning has some convincing reasons why you should take the leap.

Coleen: That's right. Welcome this morning, Nancy Braun with Showcase Realty. Nancy, great to see you as always, thanks for being here.

Nancy : Thank you. Good morning.

Coleen: Okay, so some of those are thinking about selling their home, they may wonder when is the right time. You say, now is the right time. Why is that?

Nancy: I can't even imagine in the  23 years I've been selling in real estate a better time than right now. There is just very, very little inventory so buyers are competing with other buyers to get the limited homes that are for sale, so the prices have gone up, interest rates are lower. Everything is conducive for a very strong seller's market.

Eugene: And does that cross from like $150,000 to something that's $700,000 or even more? What's the range?

Nancy: The catch is, the lower price range is flying. Just flying. You put in on the market, one day it's gone. And then anything over $500,000, it really depends upon the area. The closer into town, it's gonna be a stronger market. Further away, it's typically a slower market. It depends upon, you know, the quality of the home, but if you're contemplating selling a home in the next year or two, this would be the time, your opportunity.

Coleen: Now is the time because it'll sell. What about interest rates right now?

Nancy : They're historically low and we're still hovering around four percent and it is anticipated that they have to go up. So we know they're gonna go up, it's not if, it's when.

Coleen: And how does that benefit home sellers?

Nancy : Well, the buyers have greater buying power so if they are focused on most buyers especially under $500,000 are gonna think about "What's my monthly payment?" just like when you're buying a car. Not how much is the car but what's my monthly payment, and if it's all tied in to interest, then your interest rate is gonna dictate what price range you can buy, ultimately.

Eugene: So if we're talking about lack of inventory, does that mean that people get into bidding wars?

Nancy : Yes, totally. They have to be prepared for that. I always have conversations with my agents about how to prepare  your client to be realistic and to jump when they see the house. They really need to write the offer right then, And they need to make sure that they get the

best offer they can in because they are competing against multiple bidders.

Coleen: By the way, Nancy and her team are really good in making sure that you have the absolute best offer. I know you take a lot of care and pay a lot of attention in making your home buyer get the  house.

Nancy: That's right. It's really important to put your client in the best light, so we want an approval letter or proof of funds if it's a cash purchase, and then we do a personalized letter from the buyer to the seller. We put a nice package together with a table of contents and all the relevant information so they know they are dealing with someone very professional that's going to bring this to the closing table.

Coleen: That's very nice. Can we talk about millenials?

Eugene: Yes.

Nancy: Yes.

Coleen: Are they buying homes now? I mean, I think I've read that oh, they're just...millennials are just renting, they're not buying, but you say they are entering the Charlotte market.

Nancy: They are starting to buy. For a long time they weren't buying. You saw them renting and spending most of their income on rent and not investing into the future, but they are starting to buy and now they really jumped into the secondary market, so they're not first time home buyers, they're buying homes that are over $300,000 rather than had they done it right out of college and tried to be under $200,000.

Eugene: So they make us even more attractive. Shouldn't we be doing any contemporary renovations or any type of things to get the house prepped up for sale?

Nancy: Absolutely. A ot of people don't have vision. Buyers you take them in and there's orange wallpaper different colors that they might be turned off and you say "It's just a can of paint" They reply, "I can't deal with that"

Nancy : So the millennials they don't know how to fix things or you ...

Eugene: Is there an app for this?

Coleen: Right.

Nancy: So you know it's important to shine and it's an emotional decision for most buyers so paint is the cheapest way to make an improvement. Cleaning the home is great. Minor updates as well. It’s debatable whether they should be putting a ton of money into rehabbing the home unless you're a flipper so it really depends upon the property and your goals.

Coleen: Make it pretty and make sure it's squeaky clean .That makes a difference. How do home sellers benefit from tax advantages?

Nancy: Well, right now we still have advantages to selling the homes so that you don't have a tax on the gain from the home up to certain amounts depending upon if you're married or single. So a seller could realistically sell a home for substantially more than they paid for and not pay any taxes on those gains, so why not?

Eugene: Why not?

Nancy : In a perfect world, you'd buy a house every two years and sell and get a gain, and buy the next house because it's all tax free. Now, it depends and there are limits.

Coleen: You're so good Nancy. Thank you so much! You're offering a copy of your "Five reasons why now is the right time to sell your home" correct? Nice of you to do that. For your free copy, you can visit Go there for that free copy or you can call Nancy Braun at 704-997-3794. She's ready to help you buy or sell a home today. They are ready for you.  Nancy, thank you so much.

Eugene: Thank you, Nancy.

Nancy: Thank you.

What Questions Should You Ask Before Buying a Charlotte NC Home?

Charlotte NC Homes - Protect your investment by asking the right questions in buying your Charlotte NC home for sale.

On the verge of signing a Charlotte home for sale contract? Read this first.

After years of saving and months of planning and searching, you’re now ready to buy a home. You’ve found one you love and you’ve created a payment plan. Before you take the final steps of signing the dotted line, here are a few questions you should be asking to seal the deal.

  • What is the market value of the home for sale in Charlotte? You should have been informed by your real estate agent about your market value,but if not, please ask. There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to buying a home, because you want to learn as much information as you can about the home you want to make an offer to.

Sellers are aware that the home must be priced right for it to sell. But it will not hurt you to ask your REALTOR® to do a comparative market analysis. The CMA contains all the comparables in the area, so you have a good idea of what the market value of the home is.

  • When was it last sold and how much did the seller pay for the home? Knowing the original value and comparing it with the current value will give you an idea about the market. If the home was sold five years ago, and the market has not drastically changed, there shouldn’t be much of a price difference.
  • How long has the home been on the market? Homes that have been on the market for six months or longer typically means that it is overpriced. It can also mean the owner may be willing to negotiate and lower the price.
  • Did the current owners do renovations or upgrades? The answer to this question will help you gauge how much money was used to improve the home, and how much they are expecting as ROI.
  • What’s the HOA and utility cost? You want to have an idea of how much your monthly expenses will be, because you’ll also be paying a monthly mortgage.
  • What’s the closing costs and will the seller help with the closing costs? You need to find out how much the closing costs are so you will not be surprised when you have to pay them at closing. Also, you need to know if the seller is willing to make concessions and pay some of the closing costs.
  • What were the problems you encountered while living in this Charlotte property? Before you sign on the dotted line of the contract, ask the seller if there are issues with the home. Don’t expect the seller to disclose everything, but at least you’ll have a general idea of what to encounter when you live there.

Ask about pest infestations, flooding issues, noise, etc. If the home happens to be right by a busy street, ask if the noise level gets too bothersome.

  • Do the appliances have warranties? Though the appliances look new, it is always better to know when they were bought and if they still have warranties, because you never know when they’ll stop working.

Think of it as a money-saving effort. Appliance repair is not cheap, so you need to have the warranties on hand.

When you ask the right questions, you’ll be surprised at the answers you’ll receive. From there, you can continue to move on with the transaction, or ask for more time to think about it. 

Your  home in Charlotte NC is your investment, so learn everything possible about it so you can know the best way to secure it.

Call me, Nancy Braun, at (704) 997-3794. Let me help you find the home that fits you and your financial needs.

Real Estate Properties in Charlotte NC

OPEN HOUSE: Charlotte NC Home for Sale | 9416 Hampton Oaks Ln 28270

Charlotte NC Home for Sale

Grab the chance to own this home for sale in Charlotte NC! This jaw-dropping ranch is located in South Charlotte’s premier neighborhood Providence Plantation on one of the most coveted tree lined streets located on a wooded and private acre lot.

Homeownership Open House Opportunity! –9416 Hampton Oaks Ln, Charlotte, NC 28270– This SUNDAY! June 3 – 2PM – 4PM!

Enter into the exposed brick foyer with character and lots of natural light! Chef’s Dream Kitchen with huge center island and imported Italian Hand Blown Glass lights above. The kitchen features recessed lighting, under counter lights, SS appliances: wall oven, GE profile gas stove and oven (2008), and dishwasher. Chef’s built in desk. Living Room has vaulted ceilings, brick mantle, andexposed beams! Fabulous Den with custom full bar and sink – perfect for entertaining and wood burning fireplace. Master suite with vaulted ceiling and exposed beams, walk in closet with California style organizers, overlooking the greenery, heated floors, shower with multi jets and garden soaking tub with jets. Oversized Laundry with cabinets and sink. Moroccan style panels separate Sunroom and living room. Beautiful sunroom with custom glass door insert and lots of windows overlooking the flat, deep wooded backyard with lots of privacy!

If you have any questions, you can call Nancy Braun at (704) 997-3794!

If you’re looking for Charlotte NC homes for sale and similar properties in surrounding areas, visit:

OPEN HOUSE: Gastonia NC Home for Sale | 4331 S Falls St. 28056

Gastonia NC Home for Sale

Don’t miss out on this fabulous ranch home on large corner lot! This Gastonia NC home for sale is owned by the US Dept. of Housing Urban Development with over 858 sq. ft. of living space!

Homeownership Open House Opportunity! –4331 S Falls St, Gastonia, NC 28056 – How to be a homeowner successfully purchasing this HUD-owned home in Gastonia North Carolina! This WEDNESDAY! May 23 – 4 PM – 5PM!

Seller makes no representations or warranties as to property condition, HUD Homes are Sold “As-Is”. Pre-1978 Properties to include LBP Notices, Seller may contribute up to 3% buyer closing costs, upon buyer request when bid is placed on this home for sale in Gastonia NC.

If you have any questions, you can call Nancy Braun at (704) 997-3794!

If you’re looking for Gastonia NC homes for sale or similar properties in surrounding areas, visit:

Why You Should Hire a Property Manager in Charlotte NC

Nancy Braun Realtors

In the latest episode of Charlotte Today, Nancy Braun shares some compelling reasons why hiring a property manager is a smart move.

Managing a rental property can be financially rewarding. You get to sit back and collect rent. However, it also comes with many unique challenges such as a tenant who refuses to pay and maintenance problems. Being a landlord requires serious commitment and effort.

Nancy talks about why it is in your best interest to hire a property manager. Her team of experts at Carolina Property Management have access to a wealth of resources that enable them to find new tenants faster, helping you keep your vacancy rates down.

Having a property manager also reduces your legal and financial headaches. An excellent property manager will know the latest landlord-tenant laws, helping you steer clear of any potential lawsuit. Aside from federal law, each state and municipality has its own legal rules concerning tenant screening, safety and condition of the property, inspections, evictions, and more.

You can also preserve the value of your investment with regular maintenance. With Nancy’s team, you have access to top maintenance staff, as well as their network of licensed contractors who have already been vetted for good pricing and quality work. You don’t have to be the on-call maintenance person anymore. With a property manager, you will have someone perform routine maintenance for you, preventing small issues from becoming major problems.

Your property manager can also help you set the right rental rates based on a thorough market study of your area. This will ensure that you can maximize your monthly income while maintaining a low vacancy rate.

By hiring a property manager to take care income property, you’ll be free to spend your time identifying further investment opportunities or doing things that you love. Call Nancy Braun today at (704) 997-3794 to get started.

Eugene: If you own a rental home, you know what a big job it is to lease and maintain a property that’s why you should consider hiring a property manager to help you.

Coleen: Here with more is Nancy Braun with Carolina Property Management. Nancy, good morning and welcome to Charlotte Today.

Nancy: Good Morning.

Coleen: A lot of people have rental properties as an investment or another means of income. So let’s talk about reasons why those people should hire a property manager. The first being, they can see because they can see because it costs them a lot of money.

Nancy: That’s right, so we have a database of thousands of tenants that are already waiting and looking for properties so we can get our properties leased typically within 15 days. Regular homeowners try to put it on craigslist, they try to market it, they put a little sign on the yard, it can take months before they have a tenant, that’s going to cost them thousands of dollars of a vacant home, versus spending a few hundred dollars for a property manager to maintain the property, take care of it in many, many different aspects and get it occupied so they’re not going to lose all that income.

Eugene: You know what my mom refused to get a property manager she wanted to do it on her own but this component she doesn’t know about the fair housing laws, strict rules she doesn’t know, can you tell us about that?

Nancy: That’s right, so we’re all under the same guidelines. So we have to abide by the fair housing laws, we have to make sure we’re not discriminatory, that we don’t do anything in violation of the ADA Act which is American Disabilities Act. And there’s even some rules about pets, so people can say, that’s a service dog and if I say “No pets allowed”, you’re in violation of those rules as well because that’s a disability.

Coleen: And those are the things that you and your team of experts know. It’s second nature to you while a homeowner may not know those things.

Nancy: You can’t ask for instance “Oh, how old are your children?” or “Do you have children?” Simple thing, you know, that’s discrimination.

Coleen: Alright, also maintenance calls. If you’re a homeowner you may not want to deal with those calls late at night or on the weekend, a property manager can fill that for you and there are a lot of reasons why it’s a good thing too, aside from the inconvenience of it.

Nancy: That’s right, so It is inconvenient and there’s going to be calls late at night like you said but we also have a pool of contractors that can jump out and come in and service the property really quickly. Because we give a volume of business to them so they are going to put us at the top of their list, and they give us competitive bids, they’re going to be competitive so it’s actually going to save them money because we give them such a volume of business. That is critical,  not just handling the emergencies, it’s the ongoing maintenance of the property, it’s the things that you might overlook. The roof might need to be replaced. The peeling of the paint on the exterior may lead to wood rot if you ignore it. What about termites? So we’re going to make sure that the smoke detectors are working, the carbon monoxide detectors. We go in and check to make sure the filters are being changed. That’s something that maybe a regular layperson homeowner might not think about.

Coleen: When the property is well maintained, it really helps the tenant that you might have in your home too, right?

Nancy: That’s right. You’re going to get a, far better quality tenant if that home is showing beautifully just like a regular home for sale. So it’s got to shine, it’s got to be sparkling. You know I have a tenant moving in at one of my properties, I have a deep cleaning going on right now. I have landscaping, pine needles being put out, tree limbs being trimmed. That way when I start out fresh, that tenant’s going to feel like “This is a great home, I’m going to maintain it and take care of it” because obviously the owner does too.

Eugene: The owner may not live in the same city or state and the tenant he could be there or she could be there. You do online component that really service both the tenant and the customer, right?

Nancy: So the tenant can go ahead and go online and do a maintenance request, they can also make their payments online. The homeowner can go online and see all the reports, all the repairs that are being done, submit that to their accountant for taxes they can know what’s happening. So they’re abreast of the condition of their property. They see pictures so they have access to all that. The online component’s great. But the other thing, that California person might know what the rental rates are so they might be shooting in the dark, they might say “Well I’ve rented out for a thousand dollars, well I might be able to get fifteen hundred because I have the data and the stats,  and I know neighborhood areas and I know which areas are more desirable than others for tenants.

Coleen: Also, property managers can manage the trust account for security deposit retention.

Nancy: That’s right, so most people that are not in the industry don’t realize that the security deposit must be put in a trust account. If it’s not in a trust account, they might be forfeiting that security deposit so if you want to hold back that security deposit after the tenant leaves because they didn’t pay rent, they caused damage. That tenant might say “Well where is the evidence that it was being held in a trust account?” and if not the judge is going to rule in favor of the tenant.

Coleen: Lots of compelling reasons to hire a property manager for sure. To learn more, call Carolina Property Management, the number is 704 550 4854, again 704 550 4854. You can also visit, go to that website Nancy Braun, thank you.

Nancy: Thank you so much, it was a pleasure!

Downsizing Tips from Nancy Braun on Charlotte Today

In the latest episode of Charlotte Today, Nancy Braun shares some downsizing tips on what to do when you’re thinking of downsizing.

It’s a common situation. As people get older and their children move out, their housing needs also change. It’s no surprise that many empty-nesters and baby boomers are deciding to downsize.

Selling a house to downsize has its own unique set of challenges. That’s why Nancy shares tips for seniors downsizing and recommends decluttering and staging the home before putting it on the market. Over the years, people tend to accumulate so much stuff that when the time comes to sell the home, it can be daunting to manage everything.

Nancy gives free senior advice and talks about how she helps her clients in these situations by connecting them with different services to help them figure out what to do with their extra stuff.

She also discusses the different options available to moving seniors who want to sell their home but are hesitant because they haven't bought a new home. Nancy gives assurance that there are many creative solutions to seemingly insurmountable situations. Nancy also highlights the benefits that downsizing can bring like having the freedom and flexibility to do the things you always have wanted to do.

Looking for an experienced real estate team to help you determine what your home is worth? Nancy Braun and her team at Showcase Realty know what it takes to get top dollar for your current home and negotiate the best deal on a new one. If you’re ready to downsize, call them today at (704) 997-3794.  

Downsizing Tips from Nancy Braun

Coleen: It's a stage of life that some of us dread and others look forward to: becoming an empty nester and one of the first things to consider is whether to downsize your home.

Eugene: Well this morning we welcome Nancy Braun with Showcase Realty to the show. Hello how are you doing today.

Nancy: Great, Good morning.

Eugene: Good.

Coleen: This is something a lot of our viewers are facing you know when the kids are leaving the house they're going off to college or getting jobs that kind of thing. It might be time to consider downsizing.

Nancy: Actually people downsize quite a few times. They don't necessarily do it once, it's kind of in stages. So they might have bought the house with the children in mind and then they wanted to be in a certain school district or they wanted a big yard or they wanted a pool. And now the house might not fit their needs for their current situation.

Eugene: You know you said the very first thing you do is consider putting your house on the market.

Nancy: Yes. So it's declutter and get your homes in a staged condition. So you know we just live in our homes. We have pets and we have lots of stuff and especially when you're downsizing you’re accumulating a lot of stuff.

Eugene: So much junk.

Nancy: That's right. That's right. So that's one of the biggest challenges people kind of freeze and say “Well I have too much stuff what am I going to do with it?”

Coleen: And I think it's a daunting task for most people when they think “We've lived here for 20 years you want me to you know we have all this stuff” How do we manage that Nancy? I mean is it selling pieces of furniture? Is it donating?

Nancy: It's all above. It's all above. So there are, we can connect our clients with different services and help them figure out you know the three piles. Am I going to donate? Am I going to sell? Or am I going to keep? Or am I going to trash out? So we can do it and it's just one room at a time. And we work through that because people they don't want to necessarily move with their boxes that they moved with before that they never opened 10 years before.

Eugene: And what do you tell people who want to sell a home but they don't want to sell too quick because they don't know if they have another place to move to? That's a big fear among people.

Nancy: That is a big fear. So there are some financial situations where they might not have the cash to be able to buy. And it's a seller's market in this area. So there are some options they can do a home equity line and pull some money out of their home or they could even pull from their IRA. They have a 60 day grace period without the tax burden on them. And there's some other things that they can talk to their accountant about. And as far as pulling money out but I'm in a situation right now where I have a client that is buying a smaller home they're downsizing and the seller is downsizing another time and they're working it out together so one is getting access before they even close. So people work with each other. So it's not insurmountable. We can figure out a way to get from one step to the other without necessarily selling their house before they move into the other house. 

Coleen: Yes don't let that be a deterrent.

Nancy: Right. I have a lot of creative options.

Coleen: I know she's a smart cookie. Yeah I know you do and your team works to make that happen. And when people are downsizing there are a lot of options to those adult active communities. Maybe it's a townhouse, townhome maybe it's a condo.

Nancy: Right. So their life has changed and they might want to be able to travel and not worry about keeping up with the landscaping and maintaining the home and being able to leave the home for a month and go on a cruise or a lot of my clients want to be in an amenities neighborhood so they can make friends. They might have bought a home with a huge lawn and they don't really know their neighbors and instead they want to be closer together so they can meet other people and have social activities and maybe go to the community pool and go do events and parties with their neighbors. So their life and their needs and their social world has changed and downsizing is a great opportunity rather being strangled by this big enormous house. 

Coleen: Yes it makes so much sense if you're looking to downsize and want to buy or sell your home. Call Nancy at Showcase Realty. The number is 704-488-3109. Again 704-488-3109. You can also visit Again the Web site is And that's where you'll receive a free copy of Nancy's book. It's The Ultimate No Holds Barred Guide to Selling and Buying a Home in the Carolinas. So go there to receive a free copy of Nancy Braun's book. Thank you so much you're excellent at what you do.

Nancy: Thank you so much.

9416 Hampton Oaks Lane Charlotte NC 28270 | Ranch Style Home

Providence Plantation Charlotte NC Homes

Light-flooded turnkey ranch home in Charlotte that celebrates space and landscape

Enjoy the privacy and retreat offered by this move-in ready, executive ranch style home that showcases space and modern amenities in every space and corner.

Nestled on 1.56 acres of wooded land, this  4 bedroom, 2.5 bathrooms, 3,748 square foot Charlotte home delivers the easy living you've been dreaming of.

You'll love its expansive front yard with mature trees, tree-lined driveway and scenic drive through its gorgeous neighborhood.

The previous owners have also ensured that this home is well-maintained. Its exteriors were painted in 2016 and the interior painted in 2017. The ceiling skylight in the breakfast room and sunroom were also replaced by the previous owners.

This real estate property offers the peace, retreat, and serenity you want, all wrapped up in a gorgeous package of space and light.

As one of the most beautiful homes in Providence Plantation, the new owners will surely appreciate all the amenities this home has.

Providence Plantation is a highly sought-after subdivision 11 miles south of uptown Charlotte.

This community is prominent for its large lot cuts, beautiful homes, excellent schools and various amenities. On top of it all, this neighborhood is known for its peace and proximity to shopping and uptown.

From this home, there are great schools, both public and private,  within a four-mile radius.

An interior that radiates warmth and elegance

Exposed bricks on the portico entrance add character to this stunning home.

Step inside the elegant front door and into an amply sized foyer flooded with natural light. High ceilings, neutral-toned walls, and skylights welcome you into this gorgeous abode.

Providence Plantation Charlotte NC Homes for Sale

The polished hardwood floor enhances the warmth and elegance of this spacious interior.

To the left side of the foyer is a french door that opens to the large gourmet eat-in kitchen of this Charlotte real estate.

This kitchen is designed to impress! It features immaculate countertops, a huge center island, stainless steel appliances like the GE profile gas stove and oven bought in 2008, a pantry, and loads of storage spaces.

Under counter lights, recessed lighting and imported Italian hand-blown glass lights above add sophistication and style, creating a magazine-page worthy kitchen.

Charlotte NC Homes

Across the kitchen is a good-sized space for a breakfast nook. There's also a chef's built in desk at the corner, a great spot for planning meals and inspiring party-worthy meals.

Meal times become more exciting when you are surrounded by great food and the wonderful company of friends.

Homes in Charlotte NC

For large gatherings and celebrations, the formal dining room of this home is the right space.

Large windows let light stream into this elegant dining room that can comfortably fit a six person dining table and chairs.

Past the French doors, the hallway opens to a fabulously spaced living room with vaulted ceilings, exposed beams and a wood burning fireplace with a towering brick mantle.

Moroccan style panels add charm and character to this already stunning room.

Charlotte NC Homes for Sale

This spacious living area is a great spot for rest and relaxation. Feel your stress drain away as you enjoy the warmth of the fireplace while relaxing on the sofa.

If you love to entertain, this vast living room will easily be your guest’s favorite space.

Adjacent to the living room is a beautiful sunroom with custom glass door insert and lots of windows overlooking the private backyard. Two skylights along with the glass windows allow plenty of natural light in this room.

Real Estate Properties for Sale in Charlotte NC

This sunroom is the perfect place to entertain indoors at any season.

In spring and summer, you have a wonderful view of the thick lush foliage of the deep woods. Fall brings an array of warm colors from yellow to red, and the winter view offers a sense of calm and serenity.

More living spaces to enjoy!

Another special feature of this fantastic home for sale in Charlotte is its spacious den.

Charlotte NC Real Estate Properties for Sale

If there is a room in this house specially designed for your guests, this is it! It features vaulted ceiling, large windows, a wood burning fireplace, and a custom full bar and sink, perfect for entertaining.

Providence Plantation Charlotte NC Homes

Need a home office? This home has one, and its ready for you and your furniture. Carpet floors complement the neutral toned walls, giving you that professional office look.

A master suite with a rustic feel

Need a private sanctuary? You’ll love what this home offers.

Homes for Sale in Charlotte NC

The master bedroom is large and has vaulted ceilings with exposed beams and a walk-in closet with California style organizers. Large windows overlook the greenery, giving you a great view every morning.

Set with the most comfortable bed, it will deliver you restful nights and great sleep.

Providence Plantation Charlotte NC Real Estate Properties for Sale

The master bathroom is just as lovely with its granite counters, heated floors, shower with multi jets and garden soaking tub with jets.

Look forward to indulging in some self-pampering at the end of the day in this luxurious bathroom that can rival a five-star hotel.

A large deck overlooking a private backyard

A great home wouldn’t be complete without a fantastic outdoor retreat, and this Charlotte home delivers!

Homes for Sale in Providence Plantation Charlotte NC

This vast deck overlooks the large spacious flat backyard bordered with trees, giving you the privacy you want.

If you love having guests over, an outdoor barbecue grill would be a wonderful addition to this deck.

Host family gatherings and holiday parties on this fabulously spaced backyard.

Homes for Sale in Charlotte NC

This Charlotte property offers the suburban haven you are looking for. Enjoy excellent location, privacy, and space for ONLY $630,000.

Don’t miss the Open House on May 5, 2018 at 2-4PM SATURDAY, and May 12, 2018 at 12-2pm SATURDAY.

This is your chance to own one of the best homes in the highly desirable Providence Plantation!

Call me, Nancy Braun at (704) 997-3794 and schedule an appointment to see this home for yourself!

Text "Hampton9416 to 704-870-2369"

OPEN HOUSE: Home for Sale in Charlotte NC | 9416 Hampton Oaks Ln 2827

Grab the chance to own this jaw-dropping ranch in Providence Plantation! Enjoy the scenic drive through the neighborhood and tree lined driveway to this Charlotte NC home for sale.

Homeownership Open House Opportunity! – 9416 Hampton Oaks Ln, Charlotte, NC 28270 – How to be a homeowner successfully purchasing this HUD-owned home for sale in Charlotte NC! This SATURDAY! May 12 – 12 PM – 2PM!

Enter into the exposed brick foyer with character and lots of natural light! Chef’s Dream Kitchen with huge center island and imported Italian Hand Blown Glass lights above. The kitchen features recessed lighting, under counter lights, SS appliances: wall oven, GE profile gas stove and oven (2008), and dishwasher. Chef’s built in desk. Living Room has vaulted ceilings, brick mantle, andexposed beams! Fabulous Den with custom full bar and sink – perfect for entertaining and wood burning fireplace. Master suite with vaulted ceiling and exposed beams, walk in closet with California style organizers, overlooking the greenery, heated floors, shower with multi jets and garden soaking tub with jets. Oversized Laundry with cabinets and sink. Moroccan style panels separate Sunroom and living room. Beautiful sunroom with custom glass door insert and lots of windows overlooking the flat, deep wooded backyard with lots of privacy!

If you have any questions, you can call Nancy Braun at (704) 997-3794!

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What First Time Home Buyers Need to Know Before Making an Offer

Things first-time buyers should know

Making an offer in the Charlotte home you’ve been eyeing?

Home buying is a process you cannot rush, especially if it is  your first time.

Owning your first home is a milestone, a sign of adulthood and independence. It means more than paying for a monthly mortgage. It also means being responsible for the property, being a good neighbor and joining community activities.

Before you make an offer for that home for sale in Charlotte that you’ve been regularly checking out, here are some things you need to know and ask yourself as a first time home buyer.

1. “Should I buy or rent?” If you are still hesitating buying a home for the first time, that’s a good sign you are not ready.

Don’t let other people pressure you into buying a home when you could be neck deep in mortgage in a few years. You may like the home and consider buying it, but don’t make an offer unless you are absolutely ready.

2. Plan how you will pay for your home. One of the most challenging things about home buying is the payment, unless you have a huge amount of money hiding in your closet somewhere.  Usually, you have to pay a big upfront payment, then pay the rest through a loan, which also does not come easy.

You’ll need a good credit rating and a stable job with a good income. And the expenses do not end there. Aside from the down payment, you also need to pay the closing costs.

Before you even make an offer, decide on how you will pay for the home. If you need more savings for the initial deposit so that you can get a lower monthly mortgage, you should delay home buying for at least another year or two until you have enough saved.

3. Know what government financial programs are available for first time home buyers. You need to gather your resources, and financial programs offered through the FHA are great options if you want to have an affordable home. In most cases, first time buyers don’t have enough money for a down payment.

With an FHA loan, you don’t need a high down payment to qualify. This suggestion will greatly limit your choice of homes, and most likely, you’ll be choosing from homes that don’t even make it to the top three of your wish list. However, if the home is affordable and within your budget, it is a great option.

Now that you’ve determined how to pay for your first real estate property in Charlotte, here are some things you need to know about the home you are planning to buy.

4. Location, location, location. Don’t decide to buy a home based on a certain feature or amenity. Your home’s location matters. While the large vacant lot located next to the home does not bother you now, it may matter a few years later when a commercial building is being built there.

The freeway a few minutes from your home may not bother you during the daytime, but it’s a different story at night when all you want is some peace and quiet. You may settle for a condo in the city, but if you constantly long for open spaces, in the long run, your home may feel stifling and restraining.

5. Study the home’s history. Once you find a home you like and that suits your budget, do some research. Know its market value, how much it sold for in the past, the square footage, its amenities and its weakness.

Learn why the owner is selling it. Check for the home’s days on market (DOM). All this information will come in handy when you are making an offer for the Charlotte property you’ve been dreaming of.

Don’t rush into making an offer. Take your time to think about it. After all, we are talking about one of the largest financial investments you’ll ever make.

Are you planning to buy a home in the near future? Call me, Nancy Braun, at (704) 997-3794. Let me share with you some important new home buyer tips and help you find the best home.


OPEN HOUSE: Tega Cay SC Home for Sale | 634 Andover Ln 29708 |

Don’t miss your chance to own this custom home with stone and brick on cul-de-sac like lot with walk out basement!

Homeownership Open House Opportunity! – 634 Andover Ln, Tega Cay, SC 29708 – How to be a homeowner successfully purchasing this HUD-owned home for sale in Tega Cay SC! This SATURDAY! April 28 – 12 PM – 3PM!

Tega Cay SC Home for Sale

Home features a chef's dream kitchen, large Master Suite upstairs with sitting area and luxury bathroom with dual vanities, living room with fireplace, 2 decks and patio overlooking the pond and golf course, and an extended driveway.

If you have any questions about this Tega Cay SC home for sale, you can call Nancy Braun at (704) 997-3794!

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