Another day, another client satisfied with Showcase Realty.

Check out her story below as told by one of our REALTORS?, Cyndy Stout:

I am so excited. This girl Sheila Gilbert (picture above), was originally looking at one of our properties. The agent that she was supposed to be working with never showed up so she called Showcase from the sign information and asked if there was anyone that could help her so Debra called me. I was on my way back from Gastonia, and she asked if I could go let her in. I told her to wait 20 minutes and I will be there. She immediately agreed to be my client. 

She did make an offer on the original property but was outbid so we kept looking. We found this home for less than she wanted to pay. If anything could go wrong with a transaction it felt like this transaction was the one. In spite of 2 months of waiting, Sheila finally closed on her new house this morning! 

She said Showcase is awesome and she will forever give out my information when someone is looking for a home to buy or sell.  Another successful close and happy buyer.

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