Since HUD homes are sold “as-is”, you will most likely need to renovate the HUD home you bought for it to be habitable. These renovations are done in addition to required repairs before you closed the deal. And with a lot of DIY home renovation tips circulating online, it’s hard to figure out where to start.

Cost is always the first consideration. How much are you willing to pay for home improvement? Once you get that established, you might want to consider the following home renovations on a budget.

1. Door Painting – This do-it-yourself will only require a gallon of paint and a primer as a finishing touch. And this does not only include your front door; you can do it on all your house doors for uniformity, garage doors included. Doors might not be the most significant part of the house, but they definitely do improve the look of your home.HUD Homes in Charlotte NC

2. Wall Makeovers – Since you already bought paint for the doors, you might as well work on the walls too. The walls of your HUD home will likely have dings or paint that is slowly scraping off. Some HUD homes are uninhabited for too long, which ruins parts of the house, including its wall paint. A fresh coat of paint will give your house a new, fresh and sophisticated look.

3. Minor Flooring RenovationsHome improvements do not need to be expensive. This is true when it comes to giving your flooring a different look and vibe. Wall-to-wall carpeting has proven to be a good investment when it comes to flooring enhancements. It would be best if you choose a color that compliments your doors and walls. If you’re planning to sell the home, then a neutral color is best.

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4. Siding replacements – Siding replacement is one of the most common renovations not only for HUD homes but for most houses in general. Sidings protect the foundation and interior of the home. They also accentuate the house’s curb appeal. Siding replacement may not be as affordable as the first three suggestions, but is definitely worth it! Depending on the material and quality of installation, your siding can last for more than 20 years.

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5. Minor Kitchen Remodeling – For the most essential parts of the house — like the kitchen, repairs are more important than renovation. After all, it’s hard to appreciate a beautiful kitchen if all its cabinets are unhinged or if the faucet has leaks. Check first if there might be things you need to fix. Then work on beautifying your kitchen. A simple cleaning of the kitchen tiles or changing the kitchen cabinet knobs goes a long way in making your home look more elegant.

6. Window improvements – You don’t really need to buy expensive replacements to give your windows a revamp. A good choice of decoration is the key to nailing this one. Common techniques that make windows look more elegant include matching the color of the vase to the window. Others paint their windows with translucent colors too.

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7. Accessorize your bathroom – The bathroom is an area where adding the correct accessories would make your bathroom elegant, or wider and taller. Pick accessories that highlight the color or theme of your room and make sure the lighting fixtures are working too.

Though renovating your HUD might entail a lot of work to add your touches to it, it can be fun, creative and enjoyable. Nothing beats the joy of seeing your home transform into a beautiful home. If you need help with home improvements for your HUD home, call me, Nancy Braun at (704) 997-3794.

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