While it’s a smart move to add value to your home, don’t overdo upgrades. Spending too much on remodeling doesn’t guarantee a return on your investments – especially in a buyer’s market. To get the most bang for your buck on home improvements, check out the list of upgrades to avoid and not waste time and money.

  1. Home OfficeOnce you convert one of your bedrooms into a home office, your house will be listed as having one less bedroom, which obviously is not a good feature. So, think twice before officially converting a bedroom into an office since most homebuyers, especially growing families, prefer more bedrooms. Follow this link for information on 13 creative home office ideas in the Charlotte area. https://showcaserealty.net/13-creative-home-office-ideas-in-charlotte-nc/
  2. Swimming PoolSwimming pools actually rarely increase the property’s value especially in today’s housing market. This is due to the fact that homebuyers see an in-ground swimming pool as an additional maintenance cost and a potential safety issue, especially with children.
  3. Green Marble CountersStay away from boldly colored finishes and materials because they can turn off a lot of homebuyers. If you would like to upgrade your counters to marble opt for solid black or a less splashy design.
  4. CarpetingNot all homebuyers like wall-to-wall carpeting. Hardwood flooring is now a popular trend. So before you shell out cash for carpeting remember that plush Berber may not appeal to all buyers especially if it’s not well maintained or has managed to attract with stains.
  5. Miscellaneous upgradesStop and think long and hard before installing or adding unusual and or expensive home upgrades. Pause a moment before you start digging a temperature controlled wine cellar, a pool-sized Jacuzzi or pricey “green upgrades”.
  6. New RoofThough this may sound odd, according to some studies, adding a new roof doesn’t really appeal much to homebuyers. Not only is this a costly upgrade but you should make this investment only if the roof has major issues.
  7. GarageBefore you start sound proofing a major home feature like a garage to turn it into a music studio, think about your next buyer. In a housing market where most homes listed have a one or two-car garage, you don’t want to be the only house in the listing without one at all. Homebuyers prefer to have a sheltered place to park their car rather than having a place for their garage band. To learn how to list your home for sale and get it sold quickly, click here.


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