November 24

6 Ways To Make Your Bedroom More Sleep-Friendly


Did you have a good night sleep? I bet not all of you reading this can give me a positive answer to this question. Whether your sleeping problems involve trouble falling asleep or you waking up in the middle of the night without any reason, you certainly feel tired, drowsy and stressed out. This is because of the fact that average adults need between six to nine hours of sleep every night plus, the quality of that sleep can greatly affect our level of health, memory and alertness. Therefore, we’re prepared below some ways to help you make your bedroom more sleep-friendly to achieve a good night sleep you certainly deserve.

  1. Block any sources of illumination. The presence of light, even dim light, can actually alter a person’s natural sleeping patterns. Therefore, you can either invest in blackout window treatments or get the same effect through layered window treatments as these can completely block streetlights and other sources of illumination that can result to a less rejuvenating sleep.
  2. Design your bedroom as a single-purpose space. As the term itself means, bedrooms aren’t meant to be multitasking rooms. They’re obviously for rest and relaxation that includes sleeping, resting, curling up, or lovemaking. Therefore, you should avoid putting any items related to home office, workout, or family play as these can certainly disturb you sleep.
  3. Find the right pillow. We all can sleep comfortably especially when the head and neck muscles are completely relaxed and that can be achieved through using the right pillow. But how do you determine that? According to experts, a typical side sleeper needs a high pillow to support your muscles. For those who prefer sleeping on their back, a medium thickness people is what you’d need, and a low pillow for those who like sleeping on their stomach.
  4. Get the right mattress. According to research, the ideal mattress is one that would suit your personal needs, not the most expensive one. If possible, get in touch with a mattress expert regarding your weight, preferred sleeping position and other sleeping habits as this professional can help you find the right mattress to help you achieve the best sleep possible. Just be sure that when buying a mattress, lie on it as long as you need to before making your final decision to ensure that you are surely comfortable on it.
  5. Keep your bedroom clean. As much as possible, keep your bedroom clean from any dust because this can trigger allergies that will make it difficult for you to get a restful sleep. Dust mites are microscopic pests that live in soft surfaces such as your beddings, therefore, ensure you wash your bedding and even your curtains weekly, vacuum the mattress periodically, and regularly vacuum the floor and corners of your room.
  6. Lower your bedroom’s temperature. Although each individual has their own preferences, before climbing into your bed, be sure to lower down the temperature inside your bedroom as it helps tell your body it’s time to sleep.


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