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Whether you’re moving interstate or across town, transferring your household belongings is certainly a stressful life experience. But to make the process easier for you, you can always hire the services of moving companies. Unfortunately, choosing between different moving companies these days is also difficult especially if you have never done so in your life.

But don’t worry! It’s our goal to help make the selection process a lot easier for you through the set of questions we have prepared for you to ask potential movers. These six questions will surely narrow down your options until you finally find the right professional moving company to hire.

  1. Is your company licensed? This should be the first question you should ask a moving company before proceeding to ask other questions. Remember, a reputable company should adhere to the state and federal licensing and insurance requirements and you can verify the information through your local agencies.
  1. How long have you been involved in the moving industry? Of course, any homeowner would want to hire someone that has extensive experience in such industry. This is important as longevity conveys a possible business health. Three years in the business is the recommended industry minimum to be considered a stable professional moving company. You can as well ask them about their best and worst moving scenarios and if they’re unwilling to share these experiences, take that as a red flag.
  1. Are there complaints filed against the company? This helps you determine whether the mover is reputable or not. You can verify the company’s answer through the Better Business Bureau or other local consumer advocacy agencies within your area.
  1. Are my items insured throughout the entire move? The law actually requires moving companies to provide valuation coverage to their clients. A minimal amount of insurance should be provided free of charge, while the standard rate of insurance is usually around sixty cents per pound.
  1. To what extent are your responsibilities on items that can get damaged during the move? As a homeowner, it is important that you completely understand the various levels of liability for loss or damage to your goods during the move. Although all moving companies are required to assume some responsibility, the levels may vary which you should be aware of. Furthermore, the liability can also be affected based on who packed the goods, therefore, if the consumer packed the items, the moving company typically isn’t liable for any damaged on the items.
  1. Can I ask references from your recent customers? Getting feedback from the company’s customers is one of the best ways to determine whether you should hire the company or not. In this way, you’ll know whether the movers did the job well and scheduled the delivery on time. You’ll also learn whether there were unexpected charges or problems throughout the move and if they satisfied with the company’s job.


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