Thinking about having a major renovation or repair in your home? Is the project to difficult or complicated to take on by yourself? Then you’ll need the help of a reliable contractor to work with you and get the job done. In these tough economic times, you’ll need to be careful when hiring a contractor to do work, as you certainly don’t want your renovations to go wrong. Below is a guide to help you find a reliable one.

  1. Ask referrals from family, friends and neighbors. Do you know someone who just had renovations done? Then ask referrals from them and ask their experience with the contractor. Just be sure that you talk to people who have undertaken a similar renovation to the one that you’re planning to have.
  1. Check if the contractor is insured. You’ll need to ask the contractor if his/her company is insured against claims covering worker’s compensation, property damage and personal liability in case of accidents. Once you have determined that the company’s insured, then verify the insurance coverage. Click here to see If you want to sell your house and if it doesn’t sell in 90 days, I’ll give you $2,500*.
  1. Check with your local building centers. Local building centers usually keep a list of contractors who get materials from them. They as well list the job such contractors usually do so you can ask from them for any referrals.
  1. Compare costs from prospective contractors. When you haven’t decided which contractor to hire, solicit at least three bids from your prospective contracts based on the project you plan to have. The bid should include the same building specifications, materials, labor, along with the time it will take to complete the project. Since there will be variations in the price, discuss this with each contractor so you understand why there is a variation.
  1. Trim down your list of potential contractors by interviewing them. It’s recommended that you choose at least three potential contractors and interview them one by one. Some questions you’ll need to ask them during the interview is how long they’ve been in the business, how many projects have they done similar to yours, do they have a license to do the job since some states require contracts to have a license, are they covered by insurance, and a list of names of their previous clients whom they have done jobs similar to yours. In this way, you’ll know the capabilities of the contractor not just from his credibility or background but also from feedbacks from his previous clients. If possible, also ask the contractor to bring you to some similar projects he has completed.

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