Color has a strong effect on a person’s mood. We know for a fact that there are colors that can calm you, make you happy or sad, and can fill you with energy. Therefore, you should be careful in choosing a room’s color especially for your kids. The bedroom will become one of your child’s favorite places since it’ll not only function as a bedroom, but a playroom and a study hall too. So the next time you plan to decorate your child’s room, below are the top 5 colors to choose from.

  1. Blue. Blue is considered one of the most popular paint color choices for a both kid and adult bedrooms. It has a peaceful and calming effect that’s why it’s a top choice for bedroom color. Studies show that people are more productive when they work or study within blue rooms, which is definitely what you want in your kid. To find out which paint colors will help your home sell faster through staging, click here.
  2. Pink. This color is a common choice when designing a girls’ bedroom as it conveys a peaceful, calming and tranquil environment perfect for your lovely princess.
  3. Green. Whether you have a boy or girl as a kid, green is another recommended color to use for their room. The good thing about green is because of its neutral quality, it’s easy to pair with other colors. Plus, it helps promote good night’s sleep because of its relaxing and rejuvenating effect. If you’ve got a kid who usually has trouble getting started in the morning, a green bedroom paint color can help energize him. If your child is most of the time nervous or anxious, a green bedroom can help him relax.
  4. Orange. Orange is a very vibrant and energetic color that easily grabs our attention and it’s also considered an excellent bedroom color for kids who are beginning to get older but aren’t on their teenage years yet. It’s not just a fun color, it also works perfectly for both boys and girls. However, if you’re trying to make your child’s bedroom more calming and restful, you should avoid painting it with orange. Read this to find out about flooring choices for your kid’s home.
  5. Yellow. This color is considered a safe paint color whether you’ve got a boy or a girl. Yellow comes with different hues so you can either choose soft or bold hues to decorate your child’s bedroom depending on his/her personality.


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