When it comes to selling your home, first impressions last. Apart from improving the interior, your home will benefit from some landscaping too.

To make your home more sellable, you need to clean your walkways and mow your lawn. Fill in the dead spots and plant new trees and flowers too. Trimming trees and branches is a great idea, and so is improving the flower beds. There are still many ways to do so to help you sell your home, though.

Continue reading to know the several tips that can sell your home in no time! Let’s get down to business!

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How Do You Sell a House for Landscaping?

Cleaning existing yard features is good, and so is getting rid of any that are broken beyond repair. Adding irrigation systems and improved outdoor lighting will work too. 

Here are the other ways on how you can sell a house for landscaping:

1. Clean Your Walkways

One of the first things a potential buyer will see is the walkway. Needless to say, they may have second thoughts if yours is dirty. 

This means the first thing you need to do is clean your walkways. Here are some helpful tips to follow:

  • Use a non-metallic scrub brush for your concrete walkway. Warm water and dish soap will do.
  • Get rid of mold and mildew with a power washer. Water should be good enough, but if not, you could use a bleach-and-water mixture.
  • For oil and grease stains, use an alkaline degreaser.
  • Remove paint stains with the help of a citrus-based solvent. Other stronger options include methylene chloride or potassium hydroxide. When using these, however, make sure to wear goggles, gloves, and protective clothing.

How To Make Your Charlotte, NC Home More Attractive To Buyers

2. Mow Your Lawn

Have an unkempt lawn? Before you try the rest of the tips below, it’s best to mow your lawn first. Remove any sprouting weeds or dandelions. While your yard may not look fancy, a well-maintained one speaks volumes.

3. Fill in the Dead Spots

No one likes seeing empty spots here and there on an otherwise lush green lawn. To make your Charlotte, NC real estate more attractive, plant grass seed in these areas. Another option is to fill them in with sod.

4. Plant New Trees

A new tree does more than improve your Charlotte, NC home’s property value. It will help the environment too! Apart from providing shade, it gives off the oxygen you breathe. It helps reduce flooding and soil erosion too.

How To Sell Your Charlotte North Carolina Home Fast

5. Plant New Flowers too!

Everybody loves seeing flowers. So if you want to sell your Charlotte, NC luxury home quickly, then adorn your yard with them.

Annuals are your best choice since they remain colorful throughout the season. They’re cheaper too!

If your beds have dried up or withered flowers, remember to get rid of them as well. Replace them with annuals.

Yes, you can choose other flower variants for your lawn. That said, make sure to pick one that’ll remain blooming for the duration of the sale. You don’t want them to wither during the time that Showcase realty agents are showing your home.

6. Work on Your Flower Beds

Your colorful flowers won’t be as attractive if you don’t take care of their beds. 

Start by removing the weeds, like you would do for the rest of your lawn. 

Spread colored rock, wood chips, or fresh mulch across the bed to make your blooms pop out more.

7. Trim the Tree Branches

Nothing says unkempt more than dead tree branches. Not only are they ugly, but they’re also a potential hazard. It might snap off on top of a car – or worse, a pedestrian. 

To prevent this from happening, trim your trees’ dead, stray branches right away. You can use a pruning shear or chainsaw – your choice.

Here’s a pro tip: when you do so, cut the branch at a 45-degree angle. If you wish to change the branch’s direction, cut it a ¼ inch away from the bud towards your desired direction.

Landscaping In Selling Your Home

8. Shape Your Shrubs

Speaking of trimming, it’ll help to shape the shrubs of your Charlotte, NC home as well. 

To do this, you need to remove the thicker branches. Trim them up to the base to promote new growth.

It’s essential to use the right tools for this project. Make sure to use a hand pruner for smaller limbs. Use extended-reach trimmers for out-of-reach areas.

9. Add an Automatic Irrigation System

Like you, the new potential owner may not have enough time to maintain the lawn. As such, you can make things easier (for you and them) by installing an automatic irrigation system. Since they do the watering for you, you get to save time – and water as well!

10. Light It Up

You want your yard to look pretty – even during the night. To make this happen, you need to install some outdoor lighting. 

If you can’t afford hardwired outdoor lighting, go for solar-powered lighting. This way, you can  add a layer of security to your Charlotte, NC home – for cheap.

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11. Focus on Your Yard’s Special Features

Ponds, waterfalls, and planters can make your yard look incredible. That said, you need to work on them if you’ve disregarded them for too  long.

That means:

  • Removing the dead material from planters – and refilling them.
  • Cleaning the waterfalls and ensuring that they’re working well.
  • Tidying up the ponds – and adding more fishes, if necessary.

12. …or Remove Them if They’re Hard to Maintain

As mentioned, lawn features can make your Charlotte, NC home look more luxurious. But if you don’t have the time and means to maintain them, you might as well get rid of them.  

Why, you ask? If you find it hard to take care of them, chances are the new homeowners will have the same issue.

Likewise, nobody wants a home that requires costly outdoor repairs!

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Landscaping In Selling Your Home

13. Ask Your Charlotte, NC Real Estate Agent About Your Playground

Not sure whether or not to keep your kids’ playground set? Then you’d better ask Nancy Braun first. She can tell you if you should leave it in place – or not.

Her answer will most likely depend on your playground’s appearance. If it still looks good, then you might as well keep it. But if not, it’s better to move it into another place where the future homeowners won’t be able to see it.

14. Get Rid of Any Rundown Structures

Apart from removing broken-down features, get rid of other rundown structures too. Even if that treehouse makes you nostalgic, it will not help your home perform well on the Charlotte, NC real estate market.

Realtor Agent Tips On How to Sell Your Charlotte, NC Home

15. Hire a Lawn Specialist

If you don’t have the time to do the tips above, then make sure to hire a professional landscaper. They can enhance your property and transform it into a beautiful yard. With their help, your Charlotte, NC home for sale is sure to receive several good offers!

Final Thoughts

Landscaping your Charlotte, NC home will make it more attractive to prospective buyers

Cleaning or mowing the yard and getting rid of anything that is in disrepair  will help. Likewise, it’s also advisable to add new plants, systems, and lighting.

If you don’t have the time to do any of these, you can always turn to professionals for assistance! Contact the best real estate agent, Nancy Braun of Showcase Realty today at 704-997-3794.


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