If you’re thinking about selling your home, these simple home improvement could increase your home’s value and decrease the number of days it spends on the market.

Cool fall weather gives you a chance to work on your home without dealing with the unbearable summer heat. Before it gets too cold outside, review your home’s exterior and figure out what can be improved within the next few months.

Showcase Realty has come up with 10 home improvement ways that can easily be completed this fall.

home improvement

  1. Evaluate your roof
  2. Clean your gutters
  3. Check your siding and trim
  4. Evaluate the deck
  5. Check the functionality of your garage door
  6. Seal up the windows
  7. Consider a privacy window upgrade
  8. heck out your doors
  9. Secure or replace railings
  10. Spend time with your landscaping

If you’re a home owner and are planning on selling, these tips could help you get more money for your home when you decide to sell.

Showcase Realty has a team of preferred lenders in Charlotte that can help you with these improvements as well. Whether you are just starting to think about selling your home or you are ready to put the sign in the front yard, Showcase Realty can help you with the whole home selling process. Discover budget-friendly home upgrades for your Charlotte, NC property. https://showcaserealty.net/what-affordable-upgrades-will-improve-your-charlotte-nc-homes-value/

home improvement

Consider these home improvement and call Showcase Realty to see how you can get the most money for your home with the least amount of hassle.

Our top Charlotte real estate agents can assist you every step of the way. Call Showcase Realty at 704-997-3794 or email officeadmin@showcaserealty.net to speak to one of our Charlotte real estate experts on how to get your home sold. Elevate your home’s value with these 7 impactful improvements. Click here!


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