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Tips for Selling Your Home

If you've ever thought about selling your home, now's the time. It's never been a better market for sellers. I went to Showcase Realty to find out more.



Well, now is a great time to sell a home. Here to tell us more about it, is Nancy Braun with Showcase Realty.

Nancy, first off, explain the state of the market right now. What's it like out there?


The market is so spectacular. It is really a seller's market. There are more buyers than there are homes to pick from.

So, we have actually only up two and a half months inventory supply in a true- even market, there would be a six-month inventory supply.


So Nancy, you have some tips to get the most out of your home sale. What are they?


Well, one of the things that people overlook is landscaping and they think they focus so much on the interior of the house and they don't realize that a lot can go a long way if you just, you know, prune and put some mulch down and put some beautiful flowers out, pull some weeds and- and actually add some beautiful dynamics and color to your front scape.

So, I can tell when I'm driving up to a house if the buyer is gonna be interested just by their breath, how they respond to the house. And they almost make that decision before they even get in the house.

So the curb appeal which is so overlooked sometimes can really be damaging.

It's simple, you know, go and get some new pine needles or get some new landscaping flowers. Red and yellow is Feng Shui. It's supposed to sell houses. So, put away your purples and the pink, you know, the pastels and do the red and yellow.

Colleen: Next up, you say declutter.

Nancy: Declutter. Yes, so. It is so critical that you try to make the home in the way a buyer will envision their things in the home.

So if there's too much in the home then they can't see beyond it. A lot of people don't have vision as much as we think they do.

I have clients that also say to me, “Well, you know, I don't want to paint. I don't know what color they want. Maybe they'll just paint themselves. They can replace the carpet themselves.”

They don't envision that property to look the way it should look.

So, a little can go a long way. I don't want anyone to really spend a lot of money renovating the home, rehabbing the kitchen. They're never gonna get a 100% back. If not, even more back.

But the smaller things like paint, declutter, make sure that there's a traffic pattern. They can walk through rooms very easily without having to walk around things.

And I always say, less is more.

So, after I leave I say, “You know, if you're at a point where you're not sure what to do with that particular piece of furniture, less is more.”

Colleen: Good advice.

Nancy: Just remember, less is more.

Colleen: Also, keep it clean like squeaky clean pristine, right?

Nancy: It is incredible but we get used to, even myself, you get used to the little cobwebs up in the ceiling. And you don't realize that there's a little dust on your fans and your ceiling fan. And the filters need to be changed. Those things actually get noticed.

So you're a seller, you're”¦ the buyers that come into that home, they think if you can't maintain the home, then you're not maintaining it in other ways like maintaining your furnace or maintaining your plumbing.

And it's just a visual sense. If they feel like it's squeaky clean like you say, they're gonna like the house more. They're gonna feel more comfortable in the house.

And so get that professional cleaner in there over and beyond yourself. And if you're tight on money, just you do the elbow grease and just make sure you're cleaning.

One thing that I always think is kind of funny is people always open things. People are touchy-feely. They want that connection, right?

So they go in the kitchen, they always open the microwave. Well, if you've got a dirty microwave - not that you're gonna find anything different in one person's microwave versus another person's microwave but it's like arm distance, so they open it.

Colleen: Yeah.

Nancy: So it's like, you know, go ahead and, you know, straighten out the cans in your cupboard.

Clean out the refrigerator because you don't know what they're gonna open and that just goes a long way.

Colleen: Great advice. Nancy, thank you so much. Thank you for your time.

Nancy: You're welcome. Thank you for having me.


So if you're interested in selling your home or looking for home to buy, visit ShowcaseRealty.net, ShowcaseRealty.net.

Or better yet, call Nancy at Showcase Realty. The number's 704-997-3794. Again, 704-997-3794.

Make sure you mention Charlotte Today.

If you do, you'll receive a free copy of Nancy Braun's book, The Ultimate No Holds Barred Guide to Selling and Buying a Home in the Carolinas.

Again the number's 704-997-3794.

Charlotte Luxury Homes For Sale, Neighborhoods and Features

Real Estate Properties for Sale in Charlotte

Buying a Luxury Home In Charlotte? Here are some neighborhoods and features to consider when searching for a fine home for sale.

The U.S. real estate market in the south has a lot to offer buyers right now.  So if you’ve been waiting to become a move-up buyer or first-time homeowner, this season remains the best time to buy a luxury home in Charlotte, NC!  And since no two luxury homes are alike, here’s a look at some of the hottest trends for you to consider when buying or building a luxury home in Charlotte:

Ranch Layout
The average luxury home ranges from 5,000 – 7,000 square feet; and many of these homes are single level, rather than multi-story because of the ability to add in vaulted ceilings, an open floor plan, and a sunporch or deck for entertaining, to make for a truly elegant living space with customized features in every room.

Multi-car Garage
Many luxury homes for sale in Charlotte feature as many as 5-car garages for your prized possessions.

Chef’s Kitchen
Home buyers want top-of-the-line appliances with smart technology and lots of ample storage solutions, and customized countertops and cabinetry.

Home Automation 
Adjustable lighting, voice activated alarm systems, and programmable thermostats are just some of the options most requested for home automation features in a luxury home.

Spacious Walk-in Closets
Master bedrooms have one or more large walk-in closets, many with an island.

Upscale Master Bathrooms
From garden baths to steam showers, claw-barted tubs, and even bidets, bathrooms in luxury homes are elegant, classy, and focused on your optimal comfort in mind.

Indoor or Outdoor Sports Courts 
The addition of an enclosed area for playing sports and other recreational activities has become popular for things like indoor or outdoor basketball or tennis, a pool, or even as a fitness or game room.

Picturesque View
If you are buying a luxury home anywhere throughout North Carolina, you can take advantage of a waterfront view or hilly backdrop, depending on your style.

Mixed-Metal Fixtures
Doorknobs, handles, faucets, and lighting fixtures are all decked out with a variety of finishes that complement each other for an interesting mix throughout the home.  The most popular finishes include bronze, brushed nickel, chrome, or antique brass.

Disappearing or Collapsible Window Walls
In luxury homes, the layout flow is generally open, and having the least amount of barriers between your indoor and outdoor living spaces has become increasingly popular.  By using bi-folding or moving glass wall systems and doors, you don’t have to sacrifice the panoramic view.

Upscale living is within your reach when you choose any of these stunning communities found in Charlotte, NC:

  • Providence Plantation
  • Myers Park
  • Providence Downs South
  • High Gate
  • Ardrey
  • Morrocroft Estates
  • Heydon Hall
  • River Hills Plantation
  • Longview
  • Dovewood
  • The Palisades
  • Challis Farm
  • The Conservatory
  • Seven Eagles


Are you ready to see what Charlotte has to offer?  For a portfolio and tour of Charlotte area luxury homes, contact luxury neighborhood experts at Showcase Realty at 704-997-3794 or send us a message here!

Top 3 Reasons Luxury Homes are a Must Buy!

Top 3 Reasons Luxury Homes are a Must Buy!

Almost every region has experienced a booming housing market, with the demand for homes greatly surpassing the amount of inventory available. Luxury homes however have had a different experience, with upper-end supply still having a high amount of inventory to sell.

Because of the higher supply of homes, prices have not had the ability to sky rocket like the low and mid-range markets. With the larger inventory and great mortgage rates, those who are thinking of buying luxury homes should consider making some moves in today's market.

3 Major Reasons You Should Buy a Luxury Home Now:

1. Availability - More Luxury Homes to Sell

In an article from the Wall Street Journal, it was explained that more inventory is available in the upper-end market with less is available in the lower to mid-tier price range. The graph below displays the increase/decrease of inventory in the first 4 months for 2016, in comparison to 2015.

Top 3 Reasons Luxury Homes are a Must Buy!

2. Reasonable Pricing for Luxury Homes

Another article by the Wall Street Journal discussed luxury market prices, explaining that decreased price adjustments are much more common for the luxury market in comparison to lower-priced markets. They further added that:

The growing number of price cuts suggests luxury-home sellers are becoming more realistic about property values as sales have slowed, said several real-estate veterans.

Wall Street Journal

These findings suggest a more generous list of luxury homes to choose from, with the opportunity to land the property for a reduced price.

3. Lower Mortgage Rates

Larger mortgage rates for “jumbo” loans on luxury homes were one of their main drawbacks in the past.

It has been explained, however by HSH.com that 30-year fixed jumbo rates recently decreased enough to break the previous record-low set in April by two basis points, reaching 3.66%.

Bottom Line

Quit dreaming about your perfect home and start living in it! Now is a great time to enter the luxury property market with larger selections, lower prices and better mortgage rates. The time to act is now!

We would love to be of assistance in your home search. At Showcase Realty we have an array of luxury homes for you to browse, and our real estate consultants can help you with all of your luxury home questions.

Call us now at 704.997.3794 or connect with us by sending us a message here.

Do you have a luxury home to sell? Would you like YOUR luxury home showcased on national primetime television? Details here!

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