Showcase Realty Lead Programs


Showcase Realty offers very unique Lead programs for its agents. Here's how it works:

We generate thousands of leads every month through online and offline methods, these leads are scrubbed by our ISAs (Inside Sales Agents) people who call the lead and gauges timing and motivation using a proprietary tested script.

The ISAs then either sets an appointment for an agent (ready to go buyers and sellers) or continue to follow up until the lead is ready to make a move (long term buyers and sellers). The leads are both buyer and seller prospects looking to make a move within 1 to 6 months.

All leads are categorized, tagged, and followed up with by our custom CRM software system. Once the agent is either assigned a lead for relationship building (Out of state buyers) the ISA will introduce the OSA (Outside Sales Agent) for nurture and follow up but ONLY if the buyer is making a move within 2 or 3 months.

Ideally the agent will be assigned a ready- to- go buyer or seller as an appointment in our office (For Buyers) or in their home for a listing appointment for those who are selling.

Important facts about our system and program:

  • We have thousands of home buyers and sellers in waiting in N.C. and S.C. 
  • Agents sell on average 4 to 6 sales per year on this program
  • Leads are pre-scrubbed so you don't have to ”¦
  • Leads do not fall through the cracks because our ISA agents call and do all the follow up
  • Agents get their very own front end and back end dashboard to manage their leads and appointments
  • We provide agent- training on Buyer presentations and Listing presentations
  • We provide agents all the necessary tools including customized elegant buyer and seller presentations
  • Tips, Tricks and best practices mastermind meetings on lead conversion and profitability.
  • OVER $30,000 worth of tools, systems and training to help agents become extremely successful!
  • Webinar reminder for an upcoming Lead Generation class. We hold these twice a month on over 40 different topics...